Aldevra Honored with RATIONAL 2024 Premium Partner Award

Feb 21, 2024 | News

Kalamazoo, Michigan – February 20 – Aldevra is honored to be recognized as a 2024 Premium Partner by RATIONAL, the globally acclaimed innovator in cooking technology. This prestigious accolade highlights Aldevra’s exceptional integration of RATIONAL’s advanced culinary solutions into its extensive product lineup tailored for commercial kitchens.


RATIONAL, known for its commitment to maximizing customer benefit and comprehensive support in the foodservice sector, awards the Premium Partner status to select companies that exhibit unparalleled performance, superior customer service, and an in-depth understanding of RATIONAL products. Aldevra has consistently demonstrated these qualities, ensuring that clients receive the best in kitchen technology and support.


“We are immensely proud to be acknowledged by RATIONAL in this way,” stated Rodney Marshall, president & CEO of Aldevra. “This recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication to excellence and our commitment to providing the highest quality solutions to our clients. Our partnership with RATIONAL is pivotal in our mission to equip government commercial kitchens with state-of-the-art technology.”


The Premium Partner designation celebrates Aldevra’s achievements and cements its status as an industry frontrunner in both the commercial food service and government procurement sectors. It underscores the company’s dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and technological innovation.


As a Premium RATIONAL Partner, Aldevra will continue its close collaboration with RATIONAL to ensure that clients have access to the latest in cooking technology, enhancing their culinary operations and efficiency. Aldevra’s commitment to honesty, transparency, and clear communication is at the core of its partnership with RATIONAL, ensuring clients receive tailored, effective solutions.


For more information about Aldevra and its partnership with RATIONAL, please visit [Aldevra’s Website](


About Aldevra

Aldevra specializes in providing high-quality commercial food service and medical equipment, alongside professional services, with a focus on federal government procurement. Committed to honesty, transparency, and clear communication, Aldevra tailors solutions to meet diverse client needs. For more information, please visit [](



RATIONAL is a global leader in cooking technology, particularly known for the SelfCookingCenter®. With a focus on maximizing customer benefit, RATIONAL provides comprehensive support from purchase through to after-sales service, embodying the CustomerCarePlus experience. For more information about RATIONAL, please visit [RATIONAL’s Website](

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