Aldevra Staffing

Aldevra is constantly looking for new opportunities and innovative ways in which we can serve our customers. Now, Aldevra is proud to say that we offer healthcare and staffing services, in a variety of areas, to the federal government. Currently, Aldevra holds two staffing service contracts for the Department of Defense, which fulfills several full-time staffing positions.

The company is looking to continue to expand its capabilities to include more staffing service contracts to satisfy its customers staffing needs!

Our staffing service capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Maintenance and Plumbing professionals
  • Architects and Site Evaluators
  • Document Control Specialists

Our recruiting process includes:

  • Collecting a diverse set of candidates in a variety of fields.
  • Ensuring the candidates are qualified for the position, by conducting a thorough interview process.
  • Screening each candidate by using E-verify and by running a background check.
  • Following up on candidate references
  • Ensuring the candidate and government fit well together

Aldevra’s goal is to provide the government with all its staffing needs, while instilling positive relationships with its employees.