Aldevra USACE Construction Management Services (CMS) Contract

Aldevra’s US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Management Services (CMS) Contract

On May 22, 2024, Aldevra received the official notification of award for Solicitation No. W912QR22R0019, under contract number W912QR24D0017. This contract establishes Aldevra as a key player in a pool of 10 contractors tasked with providing essential CMS services, including on-site inspection, quality assurance, safety oversight, and technical support across multiple engineering disciplines. Valued up to $240 million over five years, this shared contract positions Aldevra to support Civil Works projects within the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division (LRD).

Our Role in the USACE Mission

We are honored to contribute to the USACE LRD mission to deliver vital public and military engineering services, enhance national security, energize the economy, and reduce disaster risks. Our work will include comprehensive construction management services such as on-site inspection, quality assurance, safety oversight, and technical support across various engineering disciplines.

Join Us in This Endeavor

We are actively seeking partnerships with other companies, especially small businesses, to maximize the value and breadth of services provided under this contract. If your company is interested in partnering with us, please fill out this form. We are looking for businesses that share our commitment to integrity, teamwork, accountability, and quality. Email with questions. 

Project Task Orders May Include:

    • On-site construction inspection/oversight
    • Review of submittals, safety plans, and shop drawings for contract compliance
    • Review of actual work performed to evaluate compliance with contract terms, contract schedule, and make recommendations for contractors’ monthly earnings
    • Drafting change documents, preparing cost estimates, reviewing schedules (CPM analysis), drafting correspondence, reviewing contractor proposals, participating in various communications with contractors, customers, and internal staff, records establishment, and maintenance
    • Conducting quality assurance and safety meetings with contractors
    • Coordinating work activities with customers and contractors
    • Preparing daily quality assurance reports and other incidental reports
    • Providing technical expertise related to structural steel erection, painting, masonry, site work, interior finishes, roofing, electrical, mechanical, civil, and examination of welds, NFPA Life Safety Code, testing, and other expertise/service
    • Providing computer expertise in commonly used software for letters, databases, spreadsheets, communications, and other applications
    • Construction management for overall surveillance and management of construction projects or offices from conducting preconstruction conferences through final inspection and close-out; engineering, technical, clerical, and administrative support personnel related to the above services, including contract interpretation and recommendations
    • Expert testimony or opinions or reports in connection with any of the above in support of change/claim/dispute administration
    • Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) certified staff may be required for oversight of hazardous waste removal and disposal.

Link to Original Solicitation

Labor Categories

Years Exp Discipline
10+ years Construction Representative Sr (Construction Mgr)
5+ years Construction Representative Jr (Construction Mgr)
  Site Security Manager (security manager)
  Security Escort (security guard)*
3-5 years Engineering Technician LVL III Civil (Engineer Technical)*
5+ years Engineering Technician LVL IV Civil*
3-5 years Engineering Technician LVL III – Mechanical*
5+ years Engineering Technician LVL IV – Mechanical*
3-5 years Engineering Technician LVL III – Electrical*
5+ years Engineering Technician LVL IV – Electrical*
  Engineering Technician – Materials*
  Industrial Hygienist
10+ years Draftsman Sr (Drafter)*
5+ years Draftsman Jr (Drafter)*
  Project Scheduler*
2 years Cost Estimator
Administrative (Construction Admin Asst)*

* These positions are subject to the Service Contract Labor Standards Act. Read more here about what this means to a potential Aldevra employee.


Could be anywhere but we anticipate most to be at or near the district offices as follows:

    • Buffalo, NY
    • Chicago, IL
    • Detroit, MI
    • Huntington, WV
    • Louisville, KY
    • Nashville, TN
    • Pittsburgh, PA