Understanding the Impact of the New Sustainable Procurement Rule on Foodservice Equipment and Government Contracting Industries

May 30, 2024 | News

The recent amendment to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) has significant implications for the foodservice equipment and government contracting industries. The final rule mandates federal agencies to prioritize the procurement of sustainable products and services, aligning with the Biden administration’s Federal Sustainability Plan. This article explains how these changes affect manufacturers, dealers, and contractors within these industries.

Key Points of the Sustainable Procurement Rule

  1. Broad Application Across Contract Types:
    • Federal Supply Contracts: All contracts for supplying goods, including foodservice equipment, must comply with new sustainability standards such as WaterSense and Safer Choice certifications.
    • Service Contracts: Contracts involving services like installation and maintenance must also adhere to sustainable procurement requirements.
    • Construction and Renovation Contracts: Projects involving the construction or renovation of federal facilities, including kitchens, must use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and products.
    • Professional Services: Services related to consulting and administrative support in procurement must ensure recommendations comply with sustainable guidelines.
    • Healthcare and Laboratory Services: Specific to categories like healthcare, any related foodservice procurement must avoid harmful chemicals and promote environmental health.
  2. Standards and Recommendations:
    • Federal agencies are required to purchase products that meet specific environmental standards, following EPA’s recommendations. This includes avoiding products containing PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), commonly found in food packaging and kitchenware, due to their persistent and harmful nature​​​​.
  3. Manufacturers’ Role:
    • Providing Detailed Product Information: Manufacturers should inform dealers like Aldevra about the sustainable features of their products. This ensures accurate representation on platforms like the GSA website, enhancing visibility and compliance.
    • Utilizing GSA’s Green Procurement Compilation: To standardize what is considered sustainable, contractors can refer to the GSA’s Green Procurement Compilation website. This resource helps identify products and services that meet federal sustainability criteria, making it easier for agencies to comply with procurement guidelines​​​​.
  4. Contracting Officers’ Responsibilities:
    • Contracting officers must identify which sustainable products and services apply to each procurement and specify those not subject to the new standards. This clarity helps align contractors and federal agencies on sustainability expectations​​.

Benefits and Compliance for Manufacturers and Dealers

By understanding and integrating these new requirements, manufacturers and dealers in the foodservice equipment industry can:

  • Enhance Market Appeal: Highlighting compliance with federal sustainability standards can make products more attractive to federal buyers.
  • Support Federal Sustainability Goals: Contributing to the broader goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and promoting responsible, sustainable trade.
  • Create Economic Benefits: Aligning with these standards supports U.S. manufacturing and can create well-paying jobs within the industry.

Aldevra’s Commitment to Sustainability

As an ENERGY STAR partner, Aldevra is dedicated to promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. We encourage manufacturers to share detailed information about the sustainable features of their products, which we can then highlight on the GSA website. This not only ensures compliance with federal procurement guidelines but also helps federal agencies make informed decisions that support environmental goals.

If you have any questions about sustainable products or need assistance identifying suitable options, please contact us at Aldevra. Our team is committed to helping you navigate these new requirements and find the best solutions for your needs.


The new sustainable procurement rule represents a significant shift in federal procurement practices, emphasizing the importance of environmental responsibility. For foodservice equipment manufacturers and dealers, this is an opportunity to showcase sustainable products, support federal sustainability goals, and enhance competitiveness in the federal market. By providing detailed information about product sustainability features and utilizing resources like the GSA’s Green Procurement Compilation, manufacturers and dealers can ensure compliance and capitalize on this evolving procurement landscape.

For more information on the final rule and its implications, refer to the full text on the Federal Register and the GSA’s Green Procurement Compilation.

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