Why promote leg kits for dispensers?

by Ernie Tarof

In the past, Follett did not offer leg kits for countertop dispensers. The high center of gravity resulting from the top mounted ice machines made leg kits unacceptable. The 12 series changed all that but only for that particular unit. With the 25CI and 50CI dispensers and the phasing out of the 25CT and 50CT dispensers the situation has changed for good. The vast majority of dispensers are still quoted and sold without legs. Why? I think it is because most people just aren’t used to thinking about them and don’t know the advantages they offer. Why have them?

First, raising the dispenser four inches off of the counter makes for a more sanitary installation. If a nurse spills fruit juice or coffee on the counter, the counter under a unit with legs is easily cleaned, a nearly impossible job if the unit is mounted directly on the counter.

Second, in the event of a plugged drain line, the water overflow is clearly evident right away, greatly lessening the chance of damage to the countertop.

Third, raising the dispenser off of the counter greatly simplifies connecting the drain line to the back of the dispenser. The elbow or tee is above the counter, not directly on top of it making connection and disconnection much easier.

Fourth, the dispenser can be leveled precisely. The advantage of a level dispenser is that it completely drains the melt water from the storage hopper. When a unit is not level, this water will collect in the low spot of the hopper and not drain out.

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New Symphony PlusT Ice And Water Dispensers, New Maestro PlusT Ice Machines

New Symphony PlusT Ice And Water Dispensers New Maestro PlusT Ice Machines Follett Corporation announces the release of its newly redesigned Symphony PlusT ice and water dispensers and Maestro PlusT ice machines. While maintaining the proven performance and reliability of the SymphonyT and MaestroT product lines, Symphony Plus dispensers and Maestro Plus ice machines represent the next step in Follett’s ongoing efforts to meet the demanding needs of the healthcare and foodservice markets with solutions that provide sanitation, serviceability, sustainability and overall low life cycle costs.

Key among the many technical and performance improvements to Follett’s market leading dispensers include automatic self-flushing to remove impurities from the water supply after every hour of ice making, semi-automatic cleaning and sanitizing to reduce service times by 50-75%, QuietNightT sleep mode to reduce noisy compressor starts and contribute to a more peaceful environment, and a patent pending drain system to better evacuate melted ice and water from the dispenser.

“Offering the broadest line of ice and water dispensers in the industry, Follett has been the leader in ice and water dispensers for the healthcare market for over 35 years and has developed a significant position in the employee refreshment market. These improvements demonstrate our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, something our customers expect from the market leader,” according to CEO Steve Follett. “Not only will the introduction of automatic self-flushing, additional antimicrobial treatment, and a patent pending drain system advance Symphony Plus to the next level of performance and sanitation, the new, semi-automatic cleaning and sanitizing process will reduce service times by 50% or more, a major win for overtaxed maintenance staffs,” says Follett.

All Symphony Plus and Maestro Plus machines feature Follett’s proprietary ChewbletR ice, a chewable nugget that consumers prefer for both patient care and fountain beverages. “We’re excited about this great addition to our Chewblet ice family of products,” says Follett. Follett Corporation has been manufacturing ice and water dispensers featuring chewable ice since the early 1970s and has been manufacturing ice machines that produce chewable ice for almost 35 years following its acquisition of the rights to the Borg-Warner/York patent for nugget ice technology in 1977.

With its highly efficient refrigeration and water systems, Symphony Plus dispensers and Maestro Plus ice machines meet the stringent CEE Tier 2 standards for energy efficiency and offer up to a 40% reduction in water consumption compared to cube-type ice machines.

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Digital Data Logger Now Available for Medical-Grade Refrigerators and Freezers

Aldevra can now offer a CDC-compliant Follett digital data logger to use with medical-grade refrigerators and freezers for the storage of vaccines and other critical pharmaceutical products.  This data logger, which complies with the vaccine storage guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), can be installed on any Follett refrigerator or freezer.
The digital data logger with detachable probe records and stores temperature information at user-programmable intervals for continuous monitoring. The use of continuous, high accuracy temperature monitoring provides accurate readings and record keeping to assure that vaccines maintain their desired efficacy for maximum public health protection.   In accordance with CDC recommendations for vaccine storage and required for the Vaccines for Children program, the calibrated thermometer has an ILAC-accredited Certificate of Traceability and Calibration Testing with an accuracy of ±1 F (±0.5 C). The temperature probe is detachable, and the system allows data downloading without disturbing the glycol-encased probe. The data logger features Hi/Lo temperature alarms and a touchscreen that displays current, minimum and maximum temperatures. It also includes dry contacts for remote alarming.

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