Should I Buy the Follett CT or the Follett CI Model?

The Follett 50CT400A and  the Follett 25CT400A are being phased out later this year in favor of the Follett 50CI400A and the Follett 25CI400A. Here is a comparison of the CT vs. CI:

  • The Follett CI model comes in one piece with the icemaker pre-installed compared, to the Follett CT which comes in 2 boxes and requires on-site installation of the ice maker.
  • The ice maker in the Follett CI model is removable from behind the splash panel at counter height instead of above the bin with the Follett CT models, making it easier to access for cleaning and sanitizing the icemaker.
  • Because the icemaker in the Follett CI models is located behind the splash panel, it is also easier to access the ice storage bin to sanitize the ice storage bin when necessary.  To effectively clean the ice storage bin with the Follett CT units, you need to take off the icemaker to get good access to the bin.  This process of removing and reinstalling the icemaker adds additional time and effort to cleaning and sanitizing.
  • The width of Follett CI units is the same 21” as the Follett CT models; however, the Follett CI units require 3” clearance on each side.  Even with the required clearance, the Follett CI has the smallest footprint in the industry for its capacity.