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SBB’s post-sterile storage cabinets are specifically designed to meet VA directive 1116(2). Manufactured using hospital grade 304 stainless steel construction, this cleanable storage cabinet is designed to control temperature, humidity and pressure within the storage chamber. Integrated cooling and steam humidifier maintain temperature and humidity conditions within the chamber to meet desired set point conditions. The onboard DDC control system provides easy operation utilizing a digital display for monitoring temperature humidity and status. The mobile storage cabinet is built with casters so that the unit can be easily moved from room to room as required. The self modulating fan system delivers air to the internal chamber and maintains proper air change raters. An integrated HEPA filtration system is designed to exceed ISO 7 cleanliness standards.

  • Exceeds requirements of VA Directive 1116(2)
  • Easily cleanable hospital grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • Maintains 66°F to 72°F Temperature (Set Point 70°F)
  • Maintains Humidity at 20% to 60% RH
  • Maintains positive pressure +0.03”WC
  • HEPA Filtration designed to exceed ISO 7 Cleanliness
  • Self modulating fan system for air delivery
  • Maintains a minimum of 10 air changes per hour
  • Integrated condensate control system
  • Integral pressure monitoring with alarm
  • Unit mounted on casters for easy relocation as needed
  • Onboard custom control system provides easy operation utilizing a digital display for monitoring temperature, humidity and status.
  • Capability to interface with VA network environmental monitoring system such as FreshLoc or TempTrak type systems
  • See-through glass door
  • Stainless steel pull out shelves, adjustable height
  • 120V hospital grade 10ft long plug-in-chord
  • VA approved steam humidification utilizing standard demineralized water. Integral 2.8 liter reservoir filled through front spout access.
  • Optional UPS power supply to ship loose

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