1. What is the warranty?
    1. The Manufacturer SBB offers a 1 year warranty for parts.
  2. What if any, preventive maintenance does it require?
    1. **Check HEPA Filter – Estimated replacement 1 time per year
      1. Check Airflow, Check Filter Integrity, Check Static Pressure
      2. Replace HEPA Filter
    2. **Check all hoses, clamps, barbs – Estimated replacement 1 time per year
      1. Condensate, humidifier, pressure
    3. **Check Humidifier
      1. Inspect heater element & Liquid level Sensor
    4. **Check Thermoelectric cooler
      1. Current, voltage, temperature, and fans
    5. **Check Electric Heater
      1. Current, voltage, temperature, and fan
    6. **Check Recirculation fans
    7. **60601 Electrical test
      1. Ground Leakage Verification
      2. Chassis/ground resistance verification
    8. **Check Cabinet Pressure
    9. **Check Sensor Calibration
    10. **Check all electrical cords and connections
    11. **Check door seals and mechanisms
    12. **Check all gasketing
    13. **Link to manual for more information
  3. Regarding the need for sterile water, what size/volume? Who provides?
    1. VA provides the sterile water. See manual for image.
  4. Would I be able to remotely monitor multiple sites from our main campus and if so, how does that work?
    1. You can put one of your temp/humidity sensors inside the cabinet, such as TempTrak, and monitor facility wide.
  5. Would it be possible to trial the storage container (just one) prior to purchase?
    1. No.
  6. Are there volume discounts available?
    1. Yes, the volume discount starts at qty 4.
  7. How many amps is it?
    1. 5 Amps
  8. What is the heat output?
    1. It depends on the preferred function of the unit but the max is 800 watts.