Medical Equipment

Altus is a leading manufacturer in mobile and wall mounted technology workstations. Providing innovative workstation solutions and designs to enhance efficiency and workflow. With patented Ascend sit-to-stand lift technology for optimized mobility and adjust-ability. Find out how Altus can best serve your needs.



Enochs Examining Room Furniture, a woman-owned business, has been dedicated to quality medical exam tables since 1932. See products at a glance or all Enochs products.


Follett provides ice machines, water dispensers and medical-grade freezers and refrigerators. You can count on high-performance temperature control for critical product storage. And, products are available on our VA FSS and DAPA.


Pedigo manufactures stainless steel and chrome equipment for the healthcare industry to be used in emergency rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms and sterile processing departments. They produce:

  • Bassinets
  • Blanket/fluid warming cabinets
  • Exchange and distribution carts
  • I.V. stands
  • Instrument tables
  • Stools
  • Stretcher 7500
  • Surgical case carts
  • And much more!

Browse more than 200 products built by Pedigo.

Sterile Storage Cabinet – See spec sheet

Sterile Storage Cabinet Manual – SSC 4300 O&M

SSB SSC Aldevra Catalog

SBB’s sterile storage cabinets are specifically designed to meet VA directive 1116(2). Manufactured using hospital grade
304 stainless steel construction, this cleanable storage cabinet is designed to control temperature, humidity and pressure
within the storage chamber. Integrated cooling and steam humidifier maintain temperature and humidity conditions within
the chamber to meet desired set point conditions. The onboard DDC control system provides easy operation utilizing a
digital display for monitoring temperature humidity and status. The mobile storage cabinet is built with casters and battery
backup so that the unit can be easily moved from room to room as required. The self modulating fan system delivers air to
the internal chamber and maintains proper air change raters. An integrated HEPA filtration system is designed to exceed
ISO 7 cleanliness standards.

See FAQs about SBB

TempTrak offers 24/7 remote monitoring and runs on a wide range of systems supported by a broad range of hardware. What’s better is that TempTrak probes and transmitters remain in position, on site and do not need to be removed for recalibration.

  • Monitor temperature-sensitive products like food, chemicals and medications in meal delivery carts and medical refrigerators.
  • Track humidity, pressure differential, airflow, open/close contact, steam trap and many more parameters in isolation rooms, OR suites and hot-water heater pipes.
  • Provide real-time documentation using NIST traceable products and various calibration programs.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with The Joint Commission, USP797, HACCP, AABB, CAP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Implement with ease as it requires minimal infrastructure, offers 24/7 live emergency support, has automated database backups, and unlimited Web-based training.
  • View real-time and historical data from anywhere; receive instant alerts; document corrective actions; customize reports.
  • Scale to any size building or campus for one or multiple locations; available in 900 MHz and Wi-Fi hardware.

Learn more about how TempTrak can help with your quality initiatives.