What are the CDC Guidelines for Vaccine Storage?

The new CDC guidelines present several important changes:

 Discontinuing use of dorm-style or bar-style refrigerator/freezers for ANY vaccine storage.

 Use of stand-alone refrigerator and stand-alone freezer units suitable for vaccine storage rather than combination (refrigerator + freezer) or other units not designed for storing vaccines.

 Use of a biosafe glycol-encased probe, or a similar temperature buffered probe, rather than measurement of the storage volume air temperatures.

Use of digital data loggers with detachable probes that record and store temperature information at frequent programmable intervals for continuous temperature monitoring.

 Use only calibrated thermometers with a Certificate of Traceability and Calibration Testing.

To help health care professionals better understand the recent CDC guidelines for vaccine storage and other critical parameters for the safe storage of all refrigerated medicines, Follett offers a white paper entitled, Compliance with CDC Guidelines for Vaccine Storage, that can be downloaded at www.follettice.com/CDCwhitepaper.

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Digital Data Logger Now Available for Medical-Grade Refrigerators and Freezers

Aldevra can now offer a CDC-compliant Follett digital data logger to use with medical-grade refrigerators and freezers for the storage of vaccines and other critical pharmaceutical products.  This data logger, which complies with the vaccine storage guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), can be installed on any Follett refrigerator or freezer.
The digital data logger with detachable probe records and stores temperature information at user-programmable intervals for continuous monitoring. The use of continuous, high accuracy temperature monitoring provides accurate readings and record keeping to assure that vaccines maintain their desired efficacy for maximum public health protection.   In accordance with CDC recommendations for vaccine storage and required for the Vaccines for Children program, the calibrated thermometer has an ILAC-accredited Certificate of Traceability and Calibration Testing with an accuracy of ±1 F (±0.5 C). The temperature probe is detachable, and the system allows data downloading without disturbing the glycol-encased probe. The data logger features Hi/Lo temperature alarms and a touchscreen that displays current, minimum and maximum temperatures. It also includes dry contacts for remote alarming.

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New 7 Series and 15 Series Ice & Water Dispensers Require No Drain

This quick 2:28 minute video focuses on the unique benefits of the 7 and 15 Series ice and water dispensers.

Watch the Video!

Compact – small footprint to conserve counter space

Drainless – no drain required, place it anywhere

Efficient – lowest energy and water consumption of similar sized ice machines

Attractive – complements any workspace

Antimicrobial – Agion® antimicrobial treatment to minimize bacteria and biofilm growth on treated surfaces1

Refreshing – consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice and optional water filtration provide high quality refreshment

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