Follett ENERGY STAR Certification Eligibility

Follett 15 Series Ice-only dispensers have become ENERGY STAR Qualified! These models use less water and are around 15% more energy efficient than non-ENERGY STAR qualified ice dispensers.

ENERGY STAR does not currently have standards set in place for combination ice and water dispensers, so, as of now, only the 15 Series ice-ONLY dispensers meet the eligible qualifications.

Congratulations, Follett!



Do I Need a Carbon or Carbonless Filter?

Both types of filters remove unwanted materials (minerals, dirt, damaging microbes…etc.) from your water and ice. The filters not only improve the quality of your water and ice, but also keep your machines running smoother.

Filters that contain carbon remove chlorine, which can have a strange taste and odor. Carbon filter come in the standard 3,000 gallon size (or less), and the high capacity 15,000 gallons.

Carbonless filters do not remove chlorine from ice and water. Filters not containing carbon are only available in the high capacity 15,000 gallon size. Carbonless filters cost slightly more than carbon filters.